Accuracy International Rifles - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

AICS - Accuracy International Chassis systems

Q. What calibers are available for the AICS?
A. Any Remington Short Action in .243 win / .308 win / 7mm-08 / 22-250 Any Remington Long Action in 7mm Mag / .300 winmag / .338 Lapua.

Q. What is the torque spec for the action screws for the AICS?
A. The AI factory recommended torque for the action screws is 6Nm. TPSC sells the Seekonk pre-set torque pre-set to 65 inch pounds with T-handle and extension $75.

Q. Can I change the stock sides on the AICS?
A. You can change the AICS stock sides from a stage 1 (fixed stock) to a stage 1.5 (adjustable cheekpiece) and vice versa. Make sure the stocksides are the same short or long action as the mag well will be a different size. The AICS stocksides have a SQUARE cut-out at the bolt handle area and are NOT interchangeable with AI AW or AE RIFLES that have a ROUND cut-out at the bolt handle area. The Stage 2 (folding) stocksides are made up of 4 pieces.

Q. If I want to put a Harris bipod on the AICS or AW rifle do I need a special adapter?
A. The AICS and AW rifles come with the HARRIS ADAPTERS fitted as standard so that the Harris bipod will fit straight on.

Q. Do the AICS come with any magazines?
A. The AICS come with one five round magazine. Ten round magazines are available for the short action .308 AICS.

Q. What colors can we get the AICS and AW rifles in?
A. The AICS and AW rifles are only available in BLACK or GREEN at the moment. We should have desert stocksides available soon.

Q. What is the length of pull on the AICS?
A. The standard length of pull on an AICS is between 12-16" and can be lengthened or Shortened by the use of spacers. (A set comprises of 1 x 10mm and 1 x 40mm spacer).

Q. Will my Remington 700 in .300 Rem ULTRA Mag or .338 ULTRA Mag work in the AICS?
A. The action will fit but the rounds are too long for the magazine and the strengthening bar in the magazine prevents them from going into the magazine. If you have an ULTRA mag action we suggest you talk to a professional gunsmith about modifications. TPSC does not do modifications.

Q. Can I get an AICS for a Left handed bolt rifle?
A. Although the AICS stocks are ambidextrous they only work with right handed bolt rifles.

Q. Are the AICS magazines interchangeable with the AI rifles?
A. The AICS .308 short action magazines are NOT interchangeable with the AI AW or AE rifles. The long action .300win mag and .338 Lapua mag AICS magazines ARE Interchangeable with the AI AW rifles.

Accuracy International Rifles

Q. What are the main differences between the AI AW (Arctic Warfare) and the AI AE (Accuracy Enforcement) rifles?
A. The AE rifles, designed for law enforcement, are AI actions in the AI full length Aluminum chassis. The action is rounded and has a two position safety and a two stage trigger. They have fewer options than the AW rifles. The base model is in .308 Black with a fixed cheek piece and a 24" bbl with picatinny rail and a single stack 5 round detachable magazine. It will only accept the Harris bipod (comes with the Harris adapter). You can upgrade to green or adjustable cheekpiece. Weight w/o scope is approx 13.5lbs. The AW rifles are full military spec and used by 52 military units around the world currently. They use AI High grade steel flat bottom actions permanently bonded and bolted to the full length aluminum chassis. The Rifle is impervious to weather and corrosion resistant so it will perform reliably and consistently in the desert, marine or arctic conditions. Barrels can be replaced in minutes using the bbl change kit. All major parts are interchangeable between rifles of the same caliber. Available in black or green with fixed or adjustable cheekpiece, or folding stock, it accepts either the AI (Parker Hale style) bipod or Harris bipod, comes in 20", 24" or 26" match grade free floating bbl in .308 and the magnum calibers .300 win mag 26" fluted bbl and .338 Lapua magnum 27" fluted bbl. The AW has a rail cut underneath to attach handstops or handstops with sling loops. There is an integral butt spike system available that cannot be retrofitted. The AW has a two stage trigger (adjustable) and a three position safety. Weight around 14lbs w/o scope. The short action .308 uses a ten round magazine, while the magnum long actions use a five round magazine.

Q. I understand that the LA chassis mags will work in the AW, but does this also mean that the AI AW 300WM mags will work in my long action AICS?
A. Yes, all the long action (i.e. .300win mag and .338 lapua) magazines are the same so they will go in the AICS (chassis systems) or in the AW long action rifles.

Q. If I own an AI AW rifle, can I have the AI butt spike put on?
A. The AI butt spike cannot be retrofitted as it in built into the rifle at the time of manufacture. If you want to have a butt spike on your AW rifle or AICS we suggest you use an ASAI rear monopod (Accu-shot for AI). http://accu-shot.com/catalog/index.

Q. What are the AI one piece mounts made of?
A. Aluminum