Advanced Precision Rifle

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The advanced precision rifle course is a natural extension of the primary course. The time limits are shorter and the degree of precision required increased. Expect to be challenged, as your limitations as a precision rifle shooter are overcome. This is the perfect class to use as a tune up for a major competition, deployment to a hostile area, or a serious hunting expedition.

Day one begins with a thorough review of the mathematics of trajectory and range estimation. The focus becomes how to speed the range estimation process in order to engage targets more quickly. This lecture is truly a masters class covering the subtle nuances of precision marksmanship including “fast equations”, bracketing targets, the reasons behind always returning your scope to the 100 yard zero point and much more. The range sessions include sharpening everyone up at the 100 yard line and then putting each students scope through its paces to ensure that the adjustment increments are precise, linear, and repeatable.


Every aspect of the student's equipment and performance will receive Bill's scrutiny.

Day two starts off with a bang, one bang to be precise. The first test of the day is a single cold bore shot at a 2” target at 200 yards. It may sound simple, until you have to do it. Did I return the scope to the 100-yard dope yesterday? Did I slip my turrets based on the true statement I developed yesterday. Do I have 200-yard dope that is sufficiently precise under these conditions to strike such a demanding target? Did I clean the bore? Did I leave any lubrication in the bore? The questions are endless for such a simple exercise. Good stuff! Then all loads are chronographed and trajectory charts printed for all students. The next range session is an eye opener. True statements are developed from 200 to 1000 yards in 100-yard increments. Nothing is taken for granted.

The most useful tool in diagnosing problems with marksmanship and/or equipment is most often the target itself.

Two hundred yards seems a long way when given only one cold bore shot to strike a 2” target, pass or fail.

Equipment – New, untested, or fresh from the gunsmith weapons are not recommend. Any rifle capable of sub-one inch groups at 100 yards with a good quality scope is acceptable. We recommend purpose built precision rifles. The rifles by Accuracy International are fine examples. We suggest high quality variable scopes with sufficient vertical adjustment range to zero at 1000 yards. Night Force, Schmidt and Bender, and Zeiss are good examples. A bi-pod is required. A sling is recommended. The most common caliber used in the course is 308. Heavier calibers such as 300 Winchester Magnum and 338 Lapua perform well. 223 is not recommended. Test your rifle thoroughly and settle on an accurate load before arriving for the class. Most shooting will be from the prone position so a good shooting mat is strongly recommended. Sand bags, spotting scope or binoculars, one-piece cleaning rod, chamber guide, cleaning kit, gunsmith screwdriver set, notebook, and pens are also strongly recommended. The course requires approximately 250 rounds of ammunition to complete.

The weather in north Texas can be extreme. The temperature in the summer months can exceed 100 degrees. Dress in loose light colored clothing and wear a wide brimmed hat. During the cooler months the temperature can range from the low 90s to well below freezing. Be prepared for anything. We suggest dressing in layers. We shoot rain-or-shine so bring rain gear. Bring two pair of comfortable shoes in case one is soaked by rain, mud, or sweat. Kneepads and shooting gloves will contribute to your comfort. Eye and ear protection are required. Suntan lotion, Ibuprofen, band-aides, first aide tape, and a lawn chair are a good idea.