Subgun Operator

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This course will provide a foundation of weapon handling skills, tactics, and combat mindset required to effectively deploy a subgun in an armed confrontation. Shooters of every skill level will benefit from this comprehensive course. This two-day course is fast paced and challenging. For the student who is an experienced military or law enforcement operator, or a civilian with no previous experience with automatic weapons, this course has much to offer.

A properly equipped subgun in the hands of a trained operator
is a formidable defensive tool.

Day one begins with comprehensive discussions on:

  1. Safety
  2. The definition of a sub-machine gun
  3. Caliber and ammunition selection
  4. Accessorizing the weapon and shooter to properly deploy a subgun
  5. The response of the mind and body to the stress of an armed encounter
  6. Marksmanship fundamentals
  7. Combat mindset

The advantages and disadvantages of a pistol caliber automatic carbine are thoroughly reviewed as is the history and evolution of the subgun itself.

The class is beginning to get the feel of fully automatic fire.

The afternoon session begins with familiarization fire with a variety of semiautomatic and automatic weapons. Then the art of controlling the trigger to create specific round count bursts is reviewed and practiced until the student can dispense, 2, 3, 4, or 5 round bursts consistently on command. Day one culminates on the plate racks; 6 nine inch steel plates on a re-settable platform. It is here where the students learn to ride with the recoil of the weapon to mow down all 6 steel plates with a single press of the trigger. It is as fun as it sounds as well as extremely challenging.

Learning the art of riding the recoil is the key to effective sustained automatic fire.

Day two begins with an extensive range session covering shooting on the move, alternative firing positions, stoppage and immediate actions drills.

The ability to deliver accurate fire while on the move is
critical to deploying the subgun effectively.

Then it is on to the jungle run. There are few things more exhilarating than engaging multiple steel pepper poppers lurking in the shadows along a 300-yard jeep trail. The poppers are placed with care to challenge both the student’s shooting fundamentals and tactics. Shots may range from 15 to 100 yards. It is an extraordinarily intense and stimulating experience that few will soon forget.

The jungle run provides a unique opportunity to test a student’s newfound skills.

This course is ideal for the professional required to carry a subgun for work. It is equally ideal for anyone who has never handled automatic weapons and simply seeks the experience.

The debriefings at the end of each jungle run furnishes immediate feedback and identifies areas of focus for the next run.

Equipment – Tac Pro Shooting Center will provide loaner Colt SMG 9mms for the class. H&K MP5, Thompson 45ACP, and M1 carbines or any similar quality subgun is acceptable if you wish to provide your own. Bring a minimum of 5 magazines and an appropriate pouch/holder to carry them. Please ensure that the weapon, magazines, and specific ammunition you select for the course are thoroughly tested and 100% reliable. The course requires a minimum of 1000 rounds of subgun ammunition.

Equipment – Handgun - New, untested, fresh from the pistolsmith weapons are not recommend. Bring what you carry. All weapon types are welcome. We believe that most students are best served by a standard capacity (13 plus rounds) 9mm pistol. Fine examples include the Para-Ordinance P18.9, Browning Hi-Power, Glock models 17, 19, and 34. Loaners are available. Bring a minimum of 4 hi-cap or 7 single stack magazines. The typical round count for this class is between 250 and 500 rounds. Be certain that the ammunition you bring for the course functions well in your weapon before getting to the class. A sturdy gun belt, kydex or leather outside the waistband holster, and a double magazine pouch are required.

The weather in north Texas can be extreme. The temperature in the summer months can exceed 100 degrees. Dress in loose light colored clothing and wear a wide brimmed hat. During the cooler months the temperature can range from the low 90s to well below freezing. Be prepared for anything. We suggest dressing in layers. We shoot rain-or-shine so bring rain gear. Bring two pair of comfortable shoes in case one is soaked by rain, mud, or sweat. Kneepads and shooting gloves will contribute to your comfort. Eye and ear protection are required. Suntan lotion, Ibuprofen, band-aides, first aide tape, and a lawn chair are a good idea.